Tuesday, January 17

Tis the Season ( Recruiting/Hiring)

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It's been quite awhile since I last posted an article. This has been due to a few reasons...However, we will not go into those....let's instead focus into....the Recruiting/Hiring season which should be well underway.  As we all saw in December, hiring goes on hold because the holidays and in many cases, Companies have not planned out their budgets for the upcoming year.

Many candidates usually will take December/January off from their job search, this not the time to do so...infact there are many things one can do to enhance their standing...

1) NETWORK!!!  You will always hear this....in fact there are more opportunities to network during the holidays..take advantage of them...professional associations, college groups...they could take place in places you might not even imagine.

2) Training/Classwork!!  Take a class. Whether its online or in a brick and mortar setting, go do it.   An Example, My Blog Partner Rachel ( Whom I affectionately call Brain, cause she calls me Pinky or pinkster)  participated in a couple of training sessions put on by her company Siemens USA. The classes will enhance her skill set as a recruiter, which makes her stronger within her position as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. As for me, I reviewed my SAP coursework that I did online...while helpful, you have to continue to work and master any type of software due to constant change in technology.

3) Attend Job Search Groups Meetings...they are always helpful and again  a NETWORKING opportunity.

As you can see by the Interview below ( Yes... thats ERE.net interviewing Rachel...) Siemens is hiring...follow them....

Bob ( Pinky)
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