Friday, January 20

Pinky and the Brain within the world of Social Media

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Look at what I got delivered to my office today, from none the other than THE One and Only Pinkster!! Thank you and thank you for the latest blog post.

Let this represent how social media can bring two people from the opposite sides of the states together. I reside in TX while Bob is in VA.  Bob also known as Pinkster and I meet through social media and I hate to say I can't remember which LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or a fun game we were into for a while called Empire Ave. Never the less we are connect on all them now. We share ideas, best practices, and on the lighter side silly nick names as I was originally Bat Chick which came from a random thought I had that inspired Bob to call me that. We then were on a mission together sharing so many ideas I just knew we one day were going to take over the world or so part of it within recruiting and that's how Pinky and the Brain came along leading to Brain E Ac and the Pinkster!!

So a very special thank to Pinkster and a short story of how social media closes the gaps in distance.

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