Saturday, September 17

I'm Bob

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Hello everyone, Today is a great day to write a post. I'll start off by introducing myself. I'm Bob.. I've been a Human Resources Professional for several years. I've performed many functions within the field. Recruiting, has been a field I've some experience, however not on a consistent basis. As I write for the Blog...I hope to bring a different point of view.  Having many contacts within the field, I hope to interview several recruiters and post their thoughts, ideas and what they see the future of recruiting holds in store. You also will find I tend to be a bit snarky in my writing ( I'm not as polished as Rachel) however, I'm still a fun guy.
 I want to thank Rachel for giving me this opportunity to write for this Blog.  I had started a Blog a few years back to chronicle my job search after being laid off ( company went Bankrupt) However, I was not consistent in my writing.  It was like old post, "Have you had your A-Ha Moment" ( if I can ever find it, i'll post it here)
I look forward to contributing my thoughts here and even having  a  "Point and Counter-Point" with Rachel ( I suspect we'll call it  Beauty & The Beast)
I'll close with a  couple of  tips when having a phone screen.  Always Keep a Copy of Your Resume by the phone, Always have some paper and a pen next to the phone to take notes.  Both can be critical in the 1st stage of the interview process.   
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