Tuesday, November 11


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On Veterans Day, Americans focus on how to honor veterans. But it is also a day when we must renew our resolve to support our veterans and their families. They served for us — now it’s our turn to serve for them.

Got Your 6 Solider!!

Thank you today and everyday for the sacrifice you have made on the battle field and beyond. I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude to every men and women in uniform and every veteran of our great nation. You are what makes me proud to me an American.

To Vietnam Veterans:

You don’t know me and chances are if you’re a Vietnam vet, I was not even born yet. I make it a habit of going out of my way for Vietnam vets because I know from first hand stories you were not always treated with respect or shown any appreciation for what you did during the war.  I have been touched and personally effected by Vietnam by none other than my own hero my Father - Your Brother USMC who sacrificed it all to protect this country.  I grew up in a family that taught us to stand when the flag came down the parade route, and to cheer a little louder for the Vietnam vet; maybe to make up for the others over the years that were too soap boxy to realize how wrong they were in their judgments of the men and women who fought for this country for something they never understood because they were never there.
I don't know if there were ever a time when an American in uniform didn't garner the greatest love and respect from their countrymen and women.

That is until Vietnam...

We all owe our service men and women a debt of gratitude but, the ones that put on the uniform during what was quite possibly the most unpopular war in our history as a nation are owed what then?

They could have went to Canada, many did just that and, President Carter gave them a break, that those whose name are on the Wall never received.

Just remember this America, they never asked for anymore than to be a part of this great nation, they just paid a bit more for the privilege.

 One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all 

The post is dedicated to a few very special Veterans to me and in no particular order
My Father  
Theodore John Romaszewski, USMC   
1st Combat Engineer Battalion, FMF | Texas
I will always love you and think about you everyday 

Dominik G. Nargele, LtCol USMC (Ret),MA, MSA, PhD 
2/6, 1/5, 2/9 Awarded Purple Heart | Virginia 
Published Books By Dominik Nargele 
See All Published Books Here 


Larry Brigman - United States Army  | North Carolina
Vietnam 82nd and 101Airborne

Roy Cullum - Vietnam Combat Veteran, Scout Platoon, B Troop 2/17 Calvary 101st Airborne Division | Texas

 Desert Storm Veteran

 Derrick Duncanson United States Marine Corps | South Carolina
 2nd Marine Div 2nd Assult Amphibious Battilion
 Desert Storm Charlie Company 3rd tracks and Med 22 MEU

Operation Iraqi Freedom III

       Nolan Lewis United States Army | Texas
       30th Infantry Div, 18th Airborne

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