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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going - Job Search in Difficult Times

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"All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small." - Lao Tzu

Just recently heard the title of today's post (yet again) and it was meant as an inspiring "we can beat the odds" statement. But, to be honest, I've always been confused about this phrase. It almost sounds like it could have two meanings. So, like any normal person in the 21st century, I looked it up on The explanation is definitely more interesting than my original question and, as I had suspected, it does have two meanings. But, rather than spoil it for you, take a look for yourself ==>> The Tough Get Going.

For many, including yours truly, the times are really tough and looking for a job is no walk in the park when unemployment is so high and the economy is not so great. And while I've written about this so many times, it will never cease to amaze me, the disconnect between the seemingly hundreds of thousands of jobs available and the number of people who can't seem to find a job. Of course, timing and location is everything (not to mention experience and ability). A lot depends on how long you've been looking and your overall approach to job search. So today's post is a little about starting your job search for the first time and a little about refreshing your job search.

  • Just Lost My Job - Unfortunately, many people have lose their jobs, especially in tough economies. Job reductions have been announced at many companies, and the knock-on impact on other businesses caused by increased joblessness sometimes forces more job losses in other industries. Losing your job is incredibly stressful.  Our job partly defines who we are and the means by which we live. The stages of emotional change caused by job loss are very similar to the stages of grief when losing a loved one and you need to get past this and move on.

    • Resume – If you don’t already have an updated resume, now is the time.

    • Cover Letters – Another essential to your job search marketing toolkit.

    • Companies you want to work for – Make a list of the companies you want to work for and start applying to their websites (look at the New Location post for tips). ==>> The Best Companies to Work For

    • Business Social Networks – Look at the last post on this.  Once you’ve joined, you should leverage contacts who work for the companies where you may want to work.  Sites like LinkedIn will tell you if you know someone who works at one of your target companies (or if you know someone who knows someone). ==>>Social Networks

    • College alumni Associations – Check out your college alumni association as well as your colleges job recruiting center.  These can be great resources.

    • Make a PlanJob Search Marketing Toolkit  -Build yours now!

  • Refresh Your Job Search - There is a big difference between having a job and looking for a better one and not having a job and trying to get one (many of us have been there). When you are employed, no matter how bad your situation may be, it is difficult to be as committed to job search as when you are unemployed. Sometimes you’ve been on “the hunt” too long and you need to refresh your approach and other times it’s a matter changing your approach in order to get better results. But no matter the reason for job hunting, sometimes you just need to try something new.

    • Try These Tips to Refresh Your Job Search – This article, from the Project Management Institute, provides some useful tips on restarting or refreshing your job search. Tips on revamping your resume, switch industries, networking and attitude are all included in the article.  Additionally, there are embedded links in the article as well as a link to their career center at the bottom of the page.

    • How to Restart a Stalled Job Search – Written by and posted on, this article also provides some advice as to how to restart your job search. Much of this tends to be about strategy and getting back to basics. There are additional links on the left hand side of the page for related topics such as Career Advice, Job Listings and Resources.

    • Refresh Your Job Search

Good luck in your search.

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