Thursday, October 6

Job Fair Don'ts or How To Destroy Your Job Opportunities

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Ok, so we are at the job fair. You have everything ready.  You researched the companies you want to speak with in hopes of working for them. The resumes are ready. You have your perfect elevator pitch to say to the recruiter to pique their interest. Then, you stumble and commit several faux pas: These are the ones you DO NOT to commit.

1) You just dropped off your resume at the table Without talking to anyone.  Why on Earth would you do this? How will the Recruiters know who you are....Recruiters need to be able to put a face to a resume.

2) Don't be afraid or intimated of the Recruiters.They are there to do a job. to meet and screen potential candidates.... It's Your Time To Shine....Show them you are the best candidate...

3) Don't ever just walk up to a booth and interrupt a current conversation, Just be patient and wait your turn, you do not want your conversation with the recruiter to be interrupted do you?

4) Don't waste the opportunity to network, not only with Recruiters, with your fellow job seekers and other professionals. You never know where you might find your next opportunity.

5) Don't say anything negative to the Recruiter about previous jobs, companies, supervisors or even your college.  This should be common sense, however many a candidate still does this.  It creates a negative image of yourself and raises a "red flag" in the Recruiter's mind.

6) Don't Eliminate a Company because they are not hiring in your field. Take the time to talk to the Recruiter and see if you can get the name of a Hiring Manager for your career field. you want to be on their mind when the opportunity arises.

7) Don't answer your Cell Phone while talking to a Recruiter. In fact, Turn Off your phone....after all  you're there for a potential job offer, not to talk to friends.

8) Don't pretend to know their business. Recruiter's are sharp enough to see through a smoke screen. That can damage your prospects quickly.

These are just some of the actions you do not want to take. Make sure you use common sense and follow the do list in the previous post.  You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.
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