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You Want The Interview?

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  Want an Interview? 
Tips to Help a Job Seeker Get One
Author William Frierson is a staff writer for

We all know it takes time to find a job, as many of today's active job seekers would probably say.  In the mean time, you want to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to get hired; these opportunities are interviews.  To get an interview, you will need a good resume and maybe a cover letter that makes the connection between what you can offer and what an employer needs.

In addition, there are some other tips you should know that can help secure an interview:

Network and obtain company referrals- Sometimes, who you know leads to getting a foot in the door for a job opportunity.  By establishing a network, you can fill others in on what you're looking for and be led to contacts inside the company you are interested in, who may give you referrals.

Only apply for jobs meeting your specific qualifications- When applying for any job, read the job description carefully and make sure you can do it.  If not, then don't apply.

Do not say you can "do anything"- While self-confidence is important in general, you do not want to be in over your head.  In other words, you might believe you can handle any job, but an employer is only concerned about fulfilling the needs of his or her company; so leave the impression that you can.

If you are sending out resumes and cover letters without getting interviews, then incorporating these tips could change this result.  The more interviews you obtain, the better your chances of eventually landing a job.

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