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Being Now - Open Networkers

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‘Being Now’ is what you can read in the header of Just two words but essential to the ON Philosophy in which we build on the ideas of Eckhart Tolle as described in his book, The Power of Now. In fact we try to go to the next level with the ON, focusing on creating an 'open' and free tool for self-development, beginning with offering features for proper Profiling.
...Our goal is to help you to share your passion and to help you find a job matching your passion (Being Now) instead of the job matching your past (CV)....
The Power of Now But first, for all you that haven’t read Tolle’s Power of Now, let’s do a quick look of what these ideas are all about: Tolle eloquently wrote about the fact that most people live their life not being themselves but trying to live up to the values of the people around them. This 'reality' often leaves no freedom for self-development or being different. It often becomes a 'comfort-zone' inside our heads based upon conditioned behavior (past experiences are leading for future actions). This 'pre-programming' of the mind closes it to new ideas and creativity. The 21st century is all about self-development and trying to break free from the traditional comfort-zones. Deviation from the comfort-zone is very hard to do even if it is an artificial world we don't like. We rather keep our bad experiences (Tolle calls them 'Painbodies' ) than to accept that we can do without them. This principle is pretty hard to understand and that is why he wrote a full book giving examples of the same principle from different angles, religious and cultural, so that everyone can relate to it and understand it from their own comfort-zone. Recognizing that there is no way of explaining it without some examples, I'll give you a few examples myself without ‘spiritual’ references like Tolle did. In my opinion that can be a major turn-off to many and the main reason why his ideas haven't been accepted more widely than in spiritual oriented communities. Now ‘Being Now’ describes only what we are doing Now. Naturally, what we are Now and the passions we have developed are most often a product of our experiences in the past or our fears for the future. Yet in itself, our past nor our future is not important, it can block, obscure a clear vision of our real passion.

An example: Imagine that you have been in real-estate business all your life. That can be a product of true passion or interest reflecting the different aspects of being a real-estate broker. It could also just have happened, just because someone from your personal entourage (a parent or role model) was a real-estate broker, or your first job was at a real-estate agency. In this case it isn’t a true passion but the surrounding environment that has dictated your life and you probably are quite comfortable with it. Finally, it can also be that you have chosen to become a real-estate broker because you noticed that the ‘money’ involved in that profession is quite interesting. The stimulus now has to do with either ‘fear’ (the fear of not having enough money for proper survival) or ‘status’ (having more money gives you more status, more apparent wealth). As you can see in this example, there is a good chance that we are employed in areas for reasons that have nothing to do with our personality. Instead quite often our career paths are oriented to the values and morals of our direct environment. Wealth Wealth is important, it is how we measure things, how successful we are in life. Yet we are seeing that more and more people are redefining Wealth these days. No longer wealth is measured purely by materialism but instead we are seeking Personal Growth. The internet has made that transition very visible. More and more people are creating online Profiles in which they don’t just summarize their past (a CV / resume) in a way that adds ‘status’ (e.g. LinkedIn profile) in order to get a new job based upon that ‘status’. Instead they add their passion and hobby online and share it with their network (like e.g. on

It is quite a remarkable change which we have seen in other centuries as well but which never has been so ‘open’ and revolutionary as the web 2.0 revolution we are seeing today. It really is Change, although some politicians use that word quite easily. The financial crises isn’t just happening for 'some' reason, it has a deeper purpose by being a catalyst of the Change we are seeing online. People no longer are only living their lives in pursuit of ‘status’ or 'money', but are seeking a higher purpose, on a higher level.

Like Tolle, many people now believe that we are on Earth only for a short time using our human body as a temporary ‘vehicle’ to learn Lessons from Life. Once our bodies die our Spirit passes over with the lessons to the greater Entity of our Spirit. In this greater Entity we collect the experiences of many lives until we ‘graduate’ and reach a higher state of Being. Then we move to ‘the next level’ so to say. In that perspective our current life is just one of many lifes and it is less important than we tend to think. Yet being in the Laboratory we call ‘Earth’ for a short time gives us the unique opportunity to review that particular Life precisely. An example: On the ON website there are a number of tests that people can follow in order to discover their personal networking style. That ‘style’ says a lot about the personality of the individual. It is quite interesting to see that 60% of all people doing those tests have a networking style that is not in line with their career path. Also if you look at the results you will notice that the results are quite evenly spread out as they should be, but that the ‘managers’ category is overrepresented with roughly the same amount as the ‘Artists’ category is underrepresented. The reason is that a lot of ‘Artists’ like to see themselves as ‘Managers’ because it has a more appealing ‘status’ to them. That behavior fits naturally with the Artists networking style, so it is no surprise. We tend to think that having ‘status’ is important, yet there is no ‘good’ or’ bad’, ‘worse’ or ‘better’. There is only the ability to recognize what we truly are and living our lives towards that, which counts. So that also means, accepting what is. Not fearing not having enough (‘money or ‘status’ in the future). Thus ‘Wealth’ should be defined in our ability to envisage our personality as an individual precisely and acting towards that. It has nothing to do with ‘money’ or ‘status’. The big Puzzle To make it simple, you could say that, in Spirit, we chose our path of life and during our physical life we just have to piece together our personal puzzle. In the end, if we are able to finish the puzzle, we learn and take the lesson back to our Spirit. If we don’t, we just have to do another one until we do. Once I realized the concept of The big Puzzle I became intrigued. Could I somehow prove it, and with it that this is the way our lives work? The networking model on the ON with the 5 networking styles was no accident. First I tried to find out more about the 'Matter Paradox' (if 'Matter' exists where does it ultimately come from?) which led me to a new model, not only for 'Matter' but also for 'Life' and how we communicate in Life. The 5 basic networking styles model came from it and with it a model (the pentagram) how it can be used to ‘see’ why certain pieces of The big Puzzle fit or don’t fit. Looking closer at the people around me I noticed that somehow they all where in a position where they where surrounded by external influences that where helpful in discovering their networking styles and thus themselves, finding ‘pieces of the Puzzle’ so to say.

An example: Person X is a typical Teamplayer: He doesn’t take a lot of initiatives or take much risks, he rather does what everyone does and expresses himself according to the latest current fashion. He is socially moved and has a warm personality. He takes his time for the people around him. Yet in his direct environment he has role-models with quite an adjacent networking style from his own: His father is a typical ‘Manager’. He doesn’t like to talk much, but makes firm decisions. He delegates intensive communication to others and focuses on personal targets. His mother is a typical ‘Artist’-type. She is flamboyant and likes to express herself in colorful yet non-nuanced ways and is known for her emotional ‘highs and lows’. Person X develops as a person with low self-esteem because he feels not being able to meet the high demands of his parents. Yet he follows his own path in which his friends and social targets become very important. The parents never understand their son and his ‘soft’ choice in career. Communication is poor at best.. If we look at ourselves, we can be amazed to find so many personal settings in which adjacent networking styles are dominant. It is a Fact which can have only one purpose for all; to accept these and to Learn from it as a Value in itself. Discovering your Puzzle is a tool for all those that want to explore their personal setting. It will answer a lot of your questions in life, yet you have to do it yourself. You only can do it yourself if you want to be Leading your own life instead of merely Following it. 1) You could start with reading Tolle’s The Power of Now. A tip, just skip the pages with religious references; those are just there to make it easier for people with various religious backgrounds to help them to think beyond religion. 2) Also, add yourself as a member on the ON Portal, it is free and you can leave at any time, deleting your Profile if you want to. The Portal has been made to help you to Profile yourself in a way that it will reflect your passions, your Being Now. With it we hope you will find the pieces for your personal Puzzle to create a new Wealth which is only Valuable to yourself. Recognizing it’s value and thus your Being Now. 3) We are helping both companies and individuals reaching out to clients and employees effectively by adopting influencing techniques which are based upon the ON model. We learn you how to communicate effectively to targeted clients only thus saving time and money by just being yourself.
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