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ResumeBear Online Resume Builder | Advance Your Career Empower Your Resume

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Advance Your Career Empower Your Resume


Know when your resume is opened, forwarded, and printed. ResumeBear allows you to activate text and email alerts so you will know in real time when your resume has been opened and is being read. This allows you to act quickly to secure that initial interview. If the recipient forwards your resume to someone, you will have that information as well.

ResumeBear offers statistical information on your dashboard that allows you to track what is happening to your resume at any time. Was it opened? Who opened your resume? How long was it open? Was it printed? Was it forwarded? All this information is available too.

Identify your most successful version ResumeBear allows you to use statistical information to identify a stronger cover letter, resume, combination or just about anything related to your campaign.

Fine-tune to get the best results Once you have identified your most successful version, you can further fine tune your campaign to be more effective. Utilized properly, ResumeBear becomes more powerful and effective with every resume submitted. That will improve the chances of your resume being noticed and help advance your career.


Perfect formatting every time Are you new to computers, email and/or resume writing? ResumeBear takes you by the hand and guides your every step towards a perfect resume.

Do you have a professionally prepared resume? No problem. ResumeBear accepts professionally prepared resumes as well.

Instantly viewable in HR's inbox! Your cover letter and resume are guaranteed to be delivered directly to the recipient's inbox and will arrive in the original format created. Your resume is now just a click away from going to work for you.

No attachments With all the Internet security risks in the world today, many recipients will not open attachments. Your resume is hosted on our dedicated servers and viewed through a safe, web browser. It's easy, reliable and secure.

Downloadable & printable You can choose to upload different formats of your resume to our dedicated servers. Any resume is downloadable and printable by the recipient. Your resume may even be forwarded to the proper hiring authority to be downloaded and printed if desired.

Bypass spam filters Our cover letters and resumes have been developed to bypass spam filters. This is another reason we are able to guarantee delivery of your resume to the recipient.


Get instant updates by email and SMS Before ResumeBear was created, job seekers were compelled to send out resumes by the hundreds, never knowing if their resume was read or even if it was received.

Once activated, ResumeBear will let you know immediately the status of every resume you send. With this information you may contact the recipient while your information is still fresh in their mind. This gives you a greater chance at securing the all important initial interview.

Cover letter and resume templates ResumeBear has simplified the job seeking process with professional resume templates. Our cover letter template is designed to get past the spam filters and deliver your message in a fashion most likely to be reviewed by the recipient.

Simple steps to a perfect resume ResumeBear has been developed to benefit any job seeker. It does not matter if this is your first job search or if you are a seasoned professional. We have three levels of resume creation: Direct Resume Upload, Create Resume Manually and Resume Builder.

Easy Resume Creation Wizard ResumeBear has developed a Resume Builder to aid you in developing a perfect resume even if you have no previous experience. It is as simple to use as answering a few questions. We even offer suggestions to help you along the way. You never get bogged down in the process with ResumeBear.

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